5 Striking Summer Wardrobe Pieces From JUICE!

5 Striking Summer Wardrobe Pieces From JUICE!

Styling your outfit can be more difficult than some other people make it out to be, JUICE STORE always has an abundance of clothes to choose from, we came together and chose some of our most adored pieces to help give you a head start on your style for the hot summer. Our recommendations include a variety of colorful and vibrant pieces from an array of different brands including Aime Leon Dore, Online Ceramics, CLOT, and more. 

1. Online Ceramics - Bottoms Up S/S Tie Dye Shirt

Online Ceramics has been known for its old school styles including pieces that are reminiscent of the 70's bootleg band t-shirts. This time they are staying true to what they value and reviving tie-dye culture that creates that old-school 70's feel. Featuring the Bottoms Up Tie Dye Shirt, with strong, bold colors that pop out to any onlooker as well as a beautifully designed graphic that is evocative of the old hippie way of life.

2. CLOTTEE - Tie Dye S/S T-Shirt

Featuring CLOTTEE's very own Tie Dye T-Shirt from their S/S line including a variety of other tie-dye designs, which will indefinitely feel perfect for a summer chill session on the beach or with your friends in the midsummer heat.

3. Brain Dead - Dyed Canvas Spacer Mesh Tactical Vest

Brain Dead is prominent for their underground and rebellious nature, going against the grain with heavy-hitting stylistic and fashion. Featuring the Dyed Canvas Spacer Mesh Tactical Vest, the use of mesh in the vest makes for a lightweight feel and the variety of pockets makes it very useful for when one is on the go. The bright and vibrant tie-dye colors are very representative of the bright summer style that it is going for. 

4. A-Cold-Wall* - Diamond Logo Cap

London-based fashion brand A-COLD-WALL* is inspired by experiences of growing up within the inner city of London and the many cultures that surround it. This energetic orange Diamond Logo Cap piece was inspired by different styles and aesthetics around the area. Due to the piece's lightweight nature and breathability its perfect for a stylish summer stroll on the beach.

5. Aimé Leon Dore - 12oz S/S Colorbrick T-Shirt

Aimé Leon Dore is the manifestation of Teddy Santis' transformation from a young NY-native to an adult. Inspired by his upbringing around the neighborhoods of Queens and the experiences that have come from living in that area. This piece gives an authentic look into the life of Teddy, showing vibrant, bright blue, yellow, orange and green colors. These colors reflect the beautiful summer and are representative of his upbringing. 

 For more striking summer pieces from these brands visit our online store at juicestore.com.