Brain Dead's Hottest Pieces From Its Summer 22 Collection!

Brain Dead's Hottest Pieces From Its Summer 22 Collection!

Following Brain Dead’s quirky Spring 22 collection, Kyle Ng is back with his newest assortment of cut-and-sew Y2K and '70s-inspired pieces for Brain Dead's Summer 22 collection — just in time for the summer heat with raglan shirts, ringer tees, and more. The brand’s latest release features a mixture of playful and punk-style graphic imagery from international artists Braulio, Leomi Sadler and Dripper World ladened atop a variety of silhouettes — from simple workwear style pants to DIY button-up short sleeve shirts.

  Model wears Brain Dead Summer 2021 - (White) Devil Ears SS Button Up Shirt, (Pink) Understandable Enemies T-Shirt, and (Blue) Pigment Core Shorts.

The wide-reaching collection is bound to cater to your tastes during the hottest time of the year, varying from breathable shorts to stylish tops. Some fan favorites include the Night Facade T-Shirt with its surrealist graphic imprint in monochromatic black and white; loose-fitting No Souls Jersey & Graffix Team Shorts showcasing its baggy basketball-inspired silhouette with perforated holes for breathability; the Devil Ears Short Sleeve Button-Up Shirt featuring a surrealist and psychedelic ‘devil ear’ graphic at the front.

Model wears Brain Dead Summer 2021 - (Burgundy) Nucleogenesis T-Shirt, (Navy) Wounds Heal Short Sleeve Button Up Shirt, and (Purple) Kickers Shorts.

One of many notable pieces of the collection, the Leomi Resort Pant — aptly named for its graphic imprint design by Leomi Sadler — exhibits a wide-leg pant with pleated waists for a well-fitted baggy street-style look, a must-see for the collection. Style these pants to match the Wounds Heal Short Sleeve Button-Up shirt featuring playful wounds heal graphic by Leomi Sadler printed at the front of the boxy-cut silhouette.

  Model wears Brain Dead Summer 2021 - (White) Leomis World SS Button Up Shirt, (Navy) Leomi Resort Pants, and (White) Monstera T-Shirt

Brain Dead has also got you covered by diving into head-wear, a summer staple  — introducing lid must-haves from bucket hats to remixed snap-backs that could be easily put together with any outfit. The Metal Bucket Hat features PVC patches designed by Braulio stitched all around the lid; the Afterlife 6 Panel Cap showcases a dad-cap look mixed with snap-back features a Brain Dead angel logo imprint sewn at the front of a classic 6-panel silhouette with snap-button backing and signature flat brim.

Model wears Brain Dead Summer 2021 - (Navy) Afterlife 6 Panel Cap, (Orange) Drummer Boy T-Shirt, and (Navy) Grafix Team Shorts.

Explore the rest of Brain Dead's newest Summer 22 collection at JUICE Causeway Bay and K11 MUSEA locations and online at JUICESTORE.COM.