It’s Fotan Laiki’s World

It’s Fotan Laiki’s World

Hong Kong is a crazy place. Amidst the skyscrapers and 7 million-plus inhabitants, there’s a whole generation of young kids looking to make it. But in a city that’s widely known as one of the more expensive in the world… it can get difficult. While we won’t go into the intricacies of Hong Kong’s multi-layered society that’s as much politics underneath as it is fun on the surface, there are people who are giving a voice to the “lost young ones” - one of them being Fotan Laiki.

Known for her electrifying performances and rapping with other local names, Fotan Laiki is the absolute antithesis of a typical Hong Kong 22-year-old. She doesn’t have a full-time job, didn’t go to university and can’t seem to find her place in the world. But somehow… we’ve all found ourselves a part of her’s.

While we may be more used to seeing Fotan Laiki in psychedelic, trap-infused rap videos, the braces-wearing Laiki is actually a soft-spoken, shy individual who, despite not really knowing what she wants to do, is  perfectly happy in her flux. We wanted to show off this softer side, one you might not see too often. Learn more about Fotan Laiki in our interview with her, here.

Fotan Laiki is wearing CLOT’s latest Spring/Summer 2018 “New World” collection.

Photography / CLOT
Stylist and Words / Helena Yeung
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