RIPNDIP's Cheeky Lord Nermal is Back For Spring Summer 2019

RIPNDIP's Cheeky Lord Nermal is Back For Spring Summer 2019

Known for its playful colors and graphic-laden designs, RIPNDIP and our favorite cat mascot Lord Nermal is back for Spring Summer 2019 with a fun new collection.

Florida-based RIPNDIP was founded in 2009 by Skateboarder Ryan O'Connor, who first started the brand by screenprinting tees for his friends. In an interview with Bullett Media, Ryan reveals "I went skating camp and I thought of the name ‘RIPNDIP’ and just wrote it on my board with a paint pen. All the kids in my cabin loved it and when I came back, I started writing it everywhere and putting it on shirts, selling them for ten bucks. From there, I was just skating, having fun, fucking off and making shirts."

Over the years, the label has built an awesome brand identity with recognizable characters like 'Lord Alien' and 'Lord Nermal' - the trademark feline who is known famously for giving the middle finger with a mischevious grin. RIPNDIP takes inspiration from skate culture, popular culture, art, design, creating humorous designs that say "IDGAF".

We get our first look at RIPNDIP’s Spring/Summer 2019 Collection which is graphic-heavy and features shirts, tees, hoodies and accessories. Have a look at the new collection in the images below!

RIPNDIP Spring Summer 2019 collection is available at JUICE Tsim Sha Tsui and online!


Photos by: Samuel Fung/CLOT