SUICOKE and TOGA release collaborative sandals for summer 2020

SUICOKE and TOGA release collaborative sandals for summer 2020

SUICOKE has made their mark on the streetwear scene - making waves with its array of functional, stylish and comfortable, Japanese-inspired sport sandals. The brand boasts collaborations with established fashion brands and industry icons such as CLOT, Samuel Ross’ Concrete Objects, Tyler, the Creator, Bape and Aime Leon Dore. Just to name a few. 

TOGA designer, Yasuko Furuta, prides herself on using unorthodox styles to provide a new spin on the, already eccentric, fashion scene. Paying homage to the simplicity of the primitive garment, the TOGA. This time, the unorthodox design she uses creates contrast with the use of hard, metallic materials used against what is meant and known to be comfortable. 

This Japanese cult-favorite piece has established itself among the upper echelons of comfort in streetwear. This summer collaboration is no different. TOGA and SUICOKE have reunified for their second collaboration since 2016, featuring TOGA’s new take on Suicoke’s iconic DEPA and MURA model sandals. 

The first pair of sandals feature a redesign of the DEPA utilizing classic leather and nylon uppers, velcro straps, and Vibram footbed and sole. Coming in two colorways bright red and vibrant pink on the straps, and full black on the other. Both pairs posses TOGA silver buckles with custom decals placed on the straps, as well as the front strap cut with silver bars in a sequence. 

The second pair of sandals stylise the MURA model with a wide layover single strap as opposed to the couple that the DEPA uses, having custom 4 TOGA designed silver buttons on the main upper and the single silver buckle on the heel strap. TOGA’s engravings and silver trimmings create an unorthodox contrast between comfortability and rusticity, creating a unique collaboration between two favorites in the Japanese fashion scene. 

Available at JUICE Causeway Bay and in August 14.