What to know about ALIENEGRA NFT metaverse

Everything to know about CLOT ALIENEGRA and its NFT metaverse

The highly anticipated NFT debut by Edison Chen’s 2426C Studio has finally kicked off its public sale today. Titled “NVLPE Series Collection 01”, this Red NVPLE collection comprises a total of 8,888 distinct digital artworks by a diverse line-up of eight creators including Dr. Woo, The Heart Project x Emotionally Unavailable, CLOT, ALIENEGRA x EDC, Xin Yu, James Fauntleroy, Objective Collectibles, and Sandra Jockus.

Taking up the challenge of bridging the gap between digital and physical products, Chen is bringing along two of his existing creative entities, CLOT and its ALIENEGRA, on his web3 adventure, both set to take us on a one-of-a-kind journey in their expandable NFT world.

2426c RED NVLPE NFT - Edison Chen

For those who have successfully minted or are wishing for the ALIENEGRA x EDC NFTs, know that you’re in for an experience that is, quite literally, out-of-this-world. Read on for an exciting overview of everything you need to know about ALIENEGRA and its NFT universe (so far).


By now we all know the ALIENEGRA NFT collection features multiple mash-ups and tweaks of Edison’s current IG profile picture and the ALIENEGRA pattern, but where did these visuals come about? While its NFT universe is brand new, the original images are at least 18 years old.

The pupil-less photo of Edison came from a CG-less photoshoot by Paul Wong and make-up artist Zing, where he was made to look like an alien using a bar of melted soap sculpted around his head. The idea of being an alien resonated with Edison’s state of mind at the time, as he was in the midst of launching CLOT as creative director following JUICE, which wasn’t in his initial plan when he opened the retail store. “The CLOT team and I were kind of trying to do clothing, but there are all these brands—you know, NEIGHBORHOOD, BAPE, Hiroshi’s stuff, BALANCE WEAR DESIGN, realmad HECTIC—that were already doing everything we thought we needed, so what can we bring to the world?” He shared.

Edison Chen 2426c - ALIENEGRA NFT Metaverse - Original ALIENEGRA Tee

Feeling like a stranger in an outsider’s world, Chen decided he wanted to do something dealing with aliens, and teamed up with Japanese artist Madsaki and designer Kazuki Kuraishi, who made the faces and the original camo, for a series of T-shirts dubbed ALIENEGRA. “The tag of the tee is with that photo Zing and Paul took of me,” he shared. "It’s almost representative of how we were at the company. We were fans of everyone, and we got welcomed and felt strange in this new universe, so we felt we were aliens.”


“ALIENEGRA is a very close-to-heart thing for me,” shared Chen. That is why in the near two decades of CLOT, Chen continues to revisit the design by rolling out capsule collections featuring different iterations of ALIENEGRA. Based on this pattern, Chen wanted to flip the conversation of using NFT artworks as social media profile pictures. “Some of my friends who would never change their profile pictures changed it to an NFT artwork,” said Chen. “So I thought, what if I flip the conversation and make the picture that I love and use as my display photo into an NFT?”


In this extraterrestrial metaverse, EDC is taking ALIENEGRA civilians onto the mothership to travel and see the world. It’s an intergalactic journey towards evolution, where NFT holders—who are called members—can congregate, show off, exchange, buy, and mate. 

Edison Chen 2426c - ALIENEGRA NFT Metaverse Roadmap


“It’s really like a story of evolution almost. It’s like a species has to gain condescension and understand how to work with each other in order to evolve,” Chen explained. “Hopefully, we bring people onto the mothership and on a journey, and really build a community and have everything be real fun and real good. Then we’re gonna have a chance to evolve our species.”


As we all step aboard this ALIENEGRA mothership and journey on towards evolution, we will be taking pitstops at different planets and many other people’s habitats to meet new people and mate.

“You go to new places and see new things, get inspired, and it’s time to go. You then start reminiscing about what you’ve learnt and what you saw, but you’re already at the next destination,” Chen explained. “It’s almost like the real story of evolution, which is learning new things, seeing new things, getting inspired to be better every step of the way."

There is an extensive variation of EDC EGRAS in this first drop from full alien to half alien, those with six eyes, four eyes, and more, and also those with pupils and without, among others. Different EGRA combinations will generate different spawns in the long run. Each EGRA also has a distinct personality, which you’ll be able to find out as the story develops.


True ALIENEGRA fans will appreciate this one: The one-of-ones that dominate this drop are the royalties, which are three queens and one king in the form of original ALIENEGRA faces. Dropping with out-of-this-world utility functions, the king and queens will be able to literally do anything that they want on the mothership, each playing an integral role in the coming stages of the expanding ALIENEGRA universe.

Edison Chen 2426c - ALIENEGRA NFT Metaverse - King and Queens

After years of waiting, fans can also anticipate the release of a brand new ALIENEGRA face, coming in the role of princesses in the metaverse. This all-new face is designed by a new artist, and there will be eight or ten of those hidden in the whole drop, hailing in green, blue, gold and red—colorways of the original ALIENEGRA T-shirts debuted decades ago. Guess what? You’ll also find them in the form of merchandises, so hang tight for further announcements.

Edison Chen 2426c - ALIENEGRA NFT Metaverse - Princesses

What's more? All holders of ALIENEGRA NFTs are granted access to free merchandise and the opportunity to purchase not-for-sale items! Happy minting and don't forget to join 2426c's discord channel for more sneak peeks and updates!