Burn After Reading with Yeenjoy Studio

Burn After Reading with Yeenjoy Studio

Even casual consumers of hype would have no problem recognizing signature pieces from Yeenjoy Studio - meticulously crafted porcelain home goods that combine iconic pop-culture references and traditional Chinese craftsmanship in a harmonious yet provocative way.

K.Yee, Yeenjoy Studio's founder and designer, has transformed incense holders into modern art since the brand's inception, using it as a platform to express their creativity and pay tribute to quintessential modern artifacts - from Jordans and G Wagons to Star Wars and Dragon Ball characters.

With a unique aesthetic and growing reputation, Yeenjoy Studio has become a highly sought-after collaborator for industry heavyweights, and their recent releases include limited-edition products with the likes of Staple and G E O.

Check out the brand's latest collection at JUICE online or in-stores now.


Photos by: Samuel Fung/CLOT

Words by: Ryan Pun