Vivid and Striking Metaphors Shot in Shanghai for CLOT 'Corporate Climbing' Fall-Winter 2020 Collection

Vivid and Striking Metaphors Shot in Shanghai for CLOT 'Corporate Climbing' Fall-Winter 2020 Collection

Recently CLOT has put together a Shanghai editorial filled with vivid-imagery and extreme states of its ‘Corporate Climbing’ Fall Winter 2020 Collection. The collection of images is shot in a night setting which presents a different light and scenery to previous onlookers, providing a darker undertone to the bright and upbeat collection. The body of images can be interpreted in two different ways, the first presenting a style of high octane energy and the other more of a dream-like state. 

The vigorous and energetic nature from the photos can be symbolism for the energy that is contained from working in a corporate social environment, this can be seen from the movement of the camera which caused the lights to shift as such. One of the images highlights the model shaking her head in one of the knit pieces, showing frustration of being stuck in lockdown, and the difficulties and losses that come as a result. The dreamy-vintage style shown in the assemblage - from its film-esque overlay and calm demeanour of the models - could be representative of people’s imagination and the dreamy-like state of the mind. Especially in the case of the exhausted minds of ‘corporate climbers’ and the ones stuck in their own prison-like home during this time of unstable and erratic conditions. The striking imagery of the two contrasting ideas of dreamy, slow imagery and high octane energy can be compared to represent extreme unpredictability and the mind’s struggle to cope with such stress in the time of the pandemic. 

The outerwear selection includes garments such as the ‘Green’ MA-1 Bomber Jacket, the Cord Hoodie in 'Grey', the 'Green' Sheep Boa Pile Parka Hoodie and Sheep Boa Pile Parka Sweatpants combo, the Elastic Zip-Up Hoodie, the Leopard Print Puffer, the Columbia 'Camo' Jacket, and the 'Blue' Knit Sweater. Leisure items from this collection comprise of the Inner Pullover Thermal, the BD Twill Long Sleeve Shirt, Thick Plaid Baseball Shirt & Basketball Shorts, and the Work Sweet Work & Office Man Hoodie.  

Check out the lookbook below!

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