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Editorial from JUICESTORE


CLOT's Sold-Out Tiger Tees Are Now Back in Stock!

Limited-edition CLOT Tiger T-Shirt returns for 11.11!

CLOT's Iconic ALIENEGRA Print Gets an Olive Camo Treatment for 11.11

CLOT's classic ALIENEGRA print is reimagined in brand-new OLIVE CAMO.

CLOT and Emotionally Unavailable's ode to TLC and their album 'CrazySexyCool'!

A look at the inspiration behind the CLOT x Emotionally Unavailable collaboration!

CLOT launches drop 6 of Fall/Winter 2020 "Corporate Climbing" Collection!

Check out CLOT's latest Fall/Winter 2020 drop alongside Kevin Poon's "Corporate Climbing" playlist!

CLOT and Emotionally Unavailable come together for a TLC-inspired release!

Timeless pieces influenced by TLC's iconic "CrazySexyCool" album!

CLOT releases second wave of CHINESES Huaren designs at online pop-up!

New designs every week!

Wild Style Prints in CLOT Fall/Winter 2020 Drop 5!

 Wild prints for the bold - survive the corporate jungle with CLOT's latest drop!

Maison FRED Announces its First-Ever Apparel Collection With CLOT!

This first line of streetwear from the French jeweller is inspired by the world of its iconic Force 10 collection.

CLOT Huaren Chineses to Launch its First-Ever Online Pop-Up Store on JUICE STORE WeChat Mini Program!

Exclusive releases available weekly!

Edison Chen for CLOT x Polaroid 600 "BLACK SILK" Camera

CLOT's co-founder and creative director discuss the collaboration and shows off the "BLACK SILK" Polaroid 600.

Shuwei Liu for CLOT x Polaroid 600 "ROSE GOLD SILK" Camera

Chinese photographer Shuwei Liu takes the unique pink flash filter for a spin.

Kenneth Cappello for CLOT x Polaroid 600 "Royale University Blue Silk"

Famed photographer Kenneth Cappello takes a spin on the CLOT x Polaroid 600 "ROYALE UNIVERSITY BLUE SILK."