The North Face x CLOT Collaboration Launches New 2024 Collection “After Dark” Explores Polar Extremes in Search of Awe-inspiring Auroras

The North Face x CLOT Collaboration Launches New 2024 Collection “After Dark” Explores Polar Extremes in Search of Awe-inspiring Auroras

Aurora Borealis — a cosmic phenomenon only witnessed after dark
Venture into this timeless realm to face the frigid darkness head-on
Some nights are destined for exploration and discovery
Chase the light, awaken your inner adventurer
After Dark is when the truly exploration begins


CLOT once again joins hands with outdoor sports brand The North Face, launching the long awaited second chapter of their The North Face x CLOT collaboration. The pair’s first collection drew inspiration from misty peaks and sunset gradients coloring a sea of clouds. Now, the second chapter of The North Face x CLOT captures the breathtaking hues of an aurora dancing across the Arctic sky as night falls. Presenting a series of meticulously crafted pieces and gear, the “After Dark” collection leverages cutting-edge technology, innovative design, and a bold, vibrant color palette to redefine outdoor fashion, forging the way forward within the limitless possibilities of outerwear.

An Adventure on a Snowy Night Under a Sky of Aurora Lights

To explore the unknown on a snowy night lit by the Aurora Borealis — that is the story of this collection. Making the pursuit of the elusive aurora lights the inspiration behind the collaboration, the The North Face x CLOT collection showcases new expressions of outdoor aesthetics from a different dimension and perspective. To capture the excitement of exploration and wonder, patterns and gradients of aurora lights amongst a star-filled night sky are mapped and printed onto the fabrics. Drawn from the Arctic phenomenon, mesmerizing solar blue, geyser aqua, radiant poppy, and gamma pink hues collide with nature, to create an almost psychedelic palette unique to this collaboration.

The Universe Down Jacket and Down Pants made of DWR [2] water-repellent fabric are filled with RDS [3] certified high-quality 800 high-fill goose down, keeping them light and warm. The set, cut in The North Face’s iconic color-blocking, gives the look of being neat and clean, allowing wearers to feel at ease during outdoor exploration. Paired with a fleece hooded top, the set’s avant-garde design is presented in its bold color-contrasting choices.

Accessories to Add Color to a White Snowscape

Extending the design elements from the The North Face x CLOT collection, various outdoor accessories will also be available to enhance outdoor exploration while being harmoniously integrated into the overall avant-garde look. The aurora motif extends to the snow mitts, equipped with DRYVENT waterproof technology to improve your outdoor experience. The ski mask, decorated in the cosmic starry sky pattern, is made of soft fleece to provide outdoor explorers with professional cold protection during their aurora–chasing journey. The iconic base camp Duffel undergoes a visual update with boldly spliced and color-matched patterns for a striking addition to any trip. The joint LOGO knitted hats are printed with CLOT and The North Face logos on the front and back, with metal stitching elements and silver thread that add dimension to the journey of exploration.

For Playful Explorations with the Family

True outdoor exploration knows no boundaries — the collection’s Universe Down Jackets, fleece tops and other outdoor items are thoughtfully reimagined in kids’ sizes, tailored to the bodies of little explorers who are passionate about journeying into the world while staying in style, lighting up snowy fields with their skills and bravely forging forward.

Subvert expectations and harness the power of exploration. The North Face x CLOT collection will launch at selected JUICE retail locations and online on January 1, 2024.